Sirin Labs developing blockchain-smartphone FINNEY, terminated the cooperation with IOTA. The company is considering the possibility of attracting professionals working with Ethereum to create a native blockchain FINNEY. This is with reference to the CEO Sirin Labs reports ETHNews.

CEO Sirin Hogeg Moshe (Moshe Hogeg) in response to the request ETHNews said:

“We no longer work with iota, we have examined this option and decided to go the other way.”

Nimrod may (Nimrod May), the head of the marketing Department Sirin, in more detail explained what is happening, adding that during the start FINNEY will work on the basis of closed Ethereum-a blockchain:

“FINNEY will process the transaction using the network full nodes distributed in Labs Sirin”.

In the long term, continued may, FINNEY network will be migrated to its own blockchain:

“Our plan since the publication of the white paper included the transfer of the token SRN and ecosystems Sirin Labs on the blockchain next generation.”

Mae was unable to provide a specific stage at which there will be a transition. He, however, added that Sirin had IOTA and Cardano, however, are unable to choose and buy for the needs of the mobile network. There’s also the possibility that the company will develop its own blockchain.

Amid controversy with IOTA, Hogeg published the following tweet:

“Sometimes, very rarely, you manage to make a real breakthrough. @SIRINLABS just did. Never in my life been so happy for a project. Nothing would be the same as before. Can’t wait for the launch.”

Perhaps in the near future the company will release an official statement regarding this “breakthrough” in the development of FINNEY.

According to preliminary data, the issue and sale of smartphone is expected to start in November this year. It is expected that the main competitor FINNEY on the market is the HTC Exodus. Devices have the same target audience, but different: so, a month ago it became known that HTC refused to use their own blockchain.

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