Two of the energy division of German concern Siemens has joined the project’s energy platform on the blockchain.

At Siemens — Energy Management and Power Generation Services — have become partners of the company Energy Web Foundation (EWF), which manages the eponymous scalable blockchain-a platform open source. The company was founded in last year and immediately set as its goal the transformation of the energy sector with new technologies.

The Siemens managers also convinced of the benefits of applying the blockchain in their area. They believe that technology will help to improve the interaction between the various participants in the energy industry, including consumers, and to increase the efficiency of energy systems and to establish new forms of financing projects.

Official statement from Siemens, it follows that the company already uses the blockchain to optimize control of energy consumption in the isolated micro energy systems. In 2016, the group has teamed up with us startup LO3 Energy to create such isolated micro energy systems that would allow direct trade between consumers and producers of energy through the blockchain-a platform. The system test took place in Brooklyn, new York area. She allowed the residents to return the company operating the local power grid, the excess electricity and make payments.

Siemens is experimenting with bloccano not only in the energy sector. In August, the financial arm of Siemens Financial Services became a participant in the test blockchain system on the platform R3 Corda to issue Bank guarantees. Earlier this month Siemens announced plans for the construction of the centre for research on blockchain technology. However, a job this complex will start later in 2030. For its construction the concern will have to spend about $700 million.

Last month another energy company Kepco of Japan found four partners to explore and develop blockchain-based solutions to supply. The collaboration aims to create a system for the supply of solar energy.