The former senior developer of wireless messaging services in Google’s Sarhangi Amir (Amir Sarhangi) became Vice-President of product development RippleNet. About it writes Reuters.

The American company-the Issuer of the same crypto currency Ripple (XRP) confirmed for the publication that Sarhangi left his post at Google to lead the Department, managing the payment system RippleNet. Specialist worked at Google from 2015, after the company acquired them based startup Jibe Mobile. In the framework of the Jibe Mobile developed wireless communication technology for messaging, rich communication system (RCS).

RCS is considered to be the future of text messages, substitute for SMS. According to Reuters, the system has already been studied and applied by such companies as Apple and Samsung. RCS similar to iMessage, but will be supported by all smartphone models and operating systems.

It is worth noting that in recent times the Ripple takes a lot of strategically important actions and demonstrates the positive business dynamics. Recently it became known that the sale of the currency XRP in the third quarter of the year has doubled compared to the previous period. The report States that the company for a specified period of time has sold the tokens for $163,33 million.

About a month ago, Ripple has taken a leadership position in the group of lobbyists cryptocurrencies in Washington, DC. This would allow blockchain-companies to promote their common interests in the development of regulations regarding the cryptocurrency industry.

Also in October, reports emerged that Vice President, division data Ripple Matt Curcio (Matt Curcio) became a member of the Board of investment platform for blockchain projects Pledgecamp. With him the Council was joined by the head of Zuckerberg Media Randi Zuckerberg (Randi Zuckerberg) and the founder of TechCrunch Keith Ter (Keith Teare). She Pledgecamp soon released on ICO with the goal to raise $3 million.