The creators of the card game Gods Unchained-based blockchain has released a trailer with parts of the gameplay.

Gods Unchained is similar to the famous online card games Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone, which inspired the creators. The game uses the Ethereum blockchain to generate maps that are stored in the form of interchangeable tokens (NFT). The same technology used in the acclaimed CryptoKitties. Tokens will help to avoid what gamers call the nerf — the intentional performance of something by the game developers.

In may Gods Unchained raised $2.4 million during an investment round, which was a venture company Coinbase Ventures, Continue Capital and Capital Nirvana. Game developing startup from Sydney Fuel Games for which this is not the first such project. In the portfolio of the developers have the game Etherbots, and preparing to release Etherbots 2: World Arena. Gods Unchained promises to be the most successful product of the company: this is evidenced by the fact that Fuel Games already pre-sold 1.6 million collectible cards whose total value amounted to $2.8 million. Only one rare map Mythic Hyperion in July, the company received 146 esters, or slightly more than $60,000.

Now card holders can finally watch a video with gameplay Gods Unchained, and learn what you can do with these collectibles.

“When we started to do Gods Unchained, we really wanted to provide her with a quality that you would expect from AAA games (approx. term for a big-budget computer games)”, — said the head of Fuel Games James Ferguson (James Ferguson).

He also said that in the coming weeks will begin closed beta testing Gods Unchained. It will be attended by the users who already purchased the collector’s card. It will be a kind of stress test for the game. Then will start open beta testing and three months — a full run.

Gameplay Gods Unchained takes place on the servers of the company Fuel Games, due to transaction costs and slow processing that inevitably arise from the blockchain games. The game creators used for the development of the Unity engine. Ferguson said that the company was going to do Gods Unchained browser game, but then I realized that some functions could not be realized in this format.

We will remind, a week ago, the team Blockparty showed the analogue of Minecraft on the blockchain app On assurances of the creators, the game is completely stored in the Bitcoin network and Cash works on the basis Bitdb and Bitsocket.