Manufacturer FOR Salesforce has received a patent for a blockchain-based platform that blocks spam and other unwanted email content. The patent was published on the website of the patent and trademark office, yesterday, 6 November.

The main purpose of the system — verification of the received versions of emails for compliance sent copies using the method of “paired images”. According to the document, development of Salesforce more effectively filters out spam than the standard protocols.

A method of protecting Salesforce is creating the “image” of the electronic message when sending. The system then checks it against the version received by the addressee; if the algorithm detects a mismatch, the email is marked as spam. Due to this, by email only those writing, content, and applications which have not been changed during transmission on the network.

The developers explain that the barrier filter many e-mail systems is quite low, so spammers often send their messages only once. On the other hand, sometimes the standard spam filters give false-positive results. The use of the blockchain and the method of paired images can significantly reduce the probability of incorrect filtering, say Salesforce:

“The system is able to more accurately identify the actual (expected) letters and separate them from spam (unsolicited emails). When used properly, resistance structure and a distributed blockchain can prevent any the ability to change information after it was entered in the register”.

The concept of a Salesforce can be applied in other areas, for example, to confirm the authenticity of medical records, charts on progress, transactions, documents of title to property and so on.

E-mail rarely becomes the object of blockchain developments than the messenger or SMS, but some of the more well-known Corporation and are developing in the area of e-mail marketing and payments. So, in early October, one of the developers API for IOTA Tangle announced the introduction of new functions within the network, allowing you to send money using only an email address.