The Ministry of defense of Russia is working to establish a research laboratory, whose mission will be to study how the use of the blockchain can mitigate the damage from attacks of cyber criminals.

Last week the Russian newspaper “Izvestia” wrote that now in Anapa on the basis of military accelerator built a laboratory called “ERA”. It will be the responsibility of the Eighth Department of General staff of the Armed Forces responsible for protecting state secrets.

Despite the fact that the commissioning is scheduled in two months, the future staff of the research laboratory of Technopolis, information security specialists, have begun to consider potential applications of the distributed registry to enhance data protection for better security and significance.

According to experts of “Kaspersky Lab”, Alexey Makarov, the main advantages of the use of the blockchain lies in its transparency and immutability of the data entered into it.

So, at the moment hackers successfully “cover their tracks” by deleting information about the invasion from the access log. However, in the case bloccano, such risks can be minimized.

In turn, German Klimenko, a former adviser on the development of the Internet of the President of Russia, stressed the relevance and usefulness of blockchain technology.

He also noted that although there are many examples of its use in the civilian sector, but research of the Ministry of defense in the field of information technology should provide an additional impetus for the development of the industry.

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