According to “Izvestia”, the Russian authorities plan to create an official register of captainvalor. This edition has told a source close to the Ministry of Finance; information confirmed bankers familiar with the situation, and also an anonymous source from the Central Bank.

List maintenance and implementation of the corresponding procedures will be charged either the Central Bank or the Ministry of Finance. In the list of procedures, in particular, includes the removal of biometric indicators, the receipt by the investor of the document authorizing the ability to invest in the ICO, as well as the binding of the purse to passport data and INN to avoid the anonymity of the calculations. According to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov, the identification mechanisms are an essential element of the AML / CFT legislation.

The legislative initiative had received the support of some banks and forensic agencies. Comments in the “news” the President of the National rating Agency Viktor Chetverikov said

“The idea of creating a registry of captainvalor useful. The law on digital assets will presumably only take effect in the fall, that is, in fact, the market today are not regulated by the state. You must also create a registry of kryptomere and cryptocell”.

Similar is the position of the expert of the International financial center Olga Prokhorova. According to her, the ICO in Russia is in need of regulation: most of the $300 million, which last year attracted Russian licenzirovanie the company came in the fraudulent scheme.

However, despite the perceived benefits, the list will not affect the activities of captainvalor on foreign exchanges. In addition, based on the available data it is impossible to determine restrictive measures in relation to investors, are not included in the registry. According to Prokhorova, most likely, they were forbidden to participate in ICO.

According to the Director of the Moscow branch of “BCS Premier” Alexander Bakhtin, it is also unclear on what grounds the authorities will provide for the voluntary registration of captainvalor. Given the rudimentary state initiatives, it is unclear what benefits involves entry into the list.

Who knows what can be the reason for the delay adoption of the law on digital assets mentioned Chetverikova. According to the decree of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, it must adopt by 1 July.