According to The Economist, Facebook intends to acquire a trading platform for cryptocurrency Coinbase.

Neither the press service of Facebook, nor the representatives of the Coinbase did not respond to a request for comment from another publication, The Independent. Experts attribute the potential acquisition of Coinbase with the removal of the ban on advertising of crypto-currencies on the platform of Facebook, and the emergence of the Corporation Department of the blockchain developments. This division was headed by David Marcus (David Marcus), a member of the Board of Coinbase, who previously headed the direction Facebook Messenger.

Serial entrepreneur Oliver Isaacs (Isaacs Oliver) believes that the rumors may be true:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook tries to buy Coinbase. The question is, would the [exchange CEO] Brian Armstrong (Brian Armstrong)”.

Previous statements by Armstrong in the media give reason to believe that he at least would find such an offer tempting. For example, in a corporate promotional video of Coinbase, he says:

“Today we serve about 10 million customers. We would like to reach an audience of a billion people that use the digital currency every day.”

Writes TrustNodes, Facebook there are three main reasons to buy Coinbase and two of them are connected to another rumor, the company plans to develop its own cryptocurrency or token. The first and most obvious option is the integration of cryptocurrencies as payment options or for purchases in apps and games on Facebook, or to advertisers on the platform of the social network.

The second variant is associated with staffing shortages. TrustNodes implies that you can run a private digital asset Facebook is not enough qualified staff. With a lack of “nuggets” blockchain-industry employers in this field try to somehow provide its staff maximum number of talented people. One of the easiest ways to do this is to buy a more advanced in this regard, the company.

Finally, Facebook could use Coinbase to increase sales of its token/cryptocurrency, increasing its accessibility and considerably easier buying it for Fiat money.

The last point, in view of the need for long-term planning, could cause skepticism. However, Facebook is a huge opportunity: having the audience of approximately two billion people, the Corporation could create a financial asset that would surpass in scope all existing cryptocurrencies and potentially traditional money.

We will remind that in the beginning, the Creator of Facebook mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) announced its intention to further explore decentralized networks and crypto-currencies. As one of the goals of Zuckerberg called “the possibility of their use in our services”.

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