Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo de assis Moreira better known as Ronaldinho (Ronaldo de Assis Moreira — Ronaldinho), launches extensive cryptocurrency project Ronaldinho Soccer Coin. The name of the project appeared after the developers signed an agreement with Ronaldinho, up to this point the project is called World Soccer Coin.

The blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the project will be used to open a football Academy, the organization of Amateur and professional matches worldwide, development and management of the betting platforms and marketplace and to the creation of the VR stadium, which will be possible to analyze the skills of the players, and then enter data into the blockchain database in order to create on their basis of new teams.

Sites virtual reality will be built in 300 locations around the world. In Africa, Southeast Asia and the middle East, they will appear in the next three years. According to the roadmap of the project, the construction of two stadiums will be completed in July, and fully operational they will start towards the end of the year.

In addition to the construction of new facilities, the sponsors have entered into a partnership with already existing stadiums: at least five in South-East Asia. The site also will be equipped with the VR system. The football Academy will start its work in March 2019. In the same year opened stadiums in the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, and in July in Bangkok will host a tournament eSports. All services, including the provision of betting services, enrollment in the Academy and apply to participate in eSports, will be protected by NEO technology.

ICO-campaign of the project has started a few days ago, although Ronaldinho told about it to your Twitter followers at the beginning of the year. His desire to join the project the player explained in the following way:

“From the moment I first thought about retirement, I started thinking about my life after that. I want to contribute so much to this world as I can”.

Ronaldinho is not the first athlete who is involved in cryptocurrency projects, though, and probably the most famous. He tried to make a world Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather (Floyd Mayweather), who participated in the project Centratech. However, successful this attempt can not be called — the SEC accused the company founders of fraud and the theft of a $32 million during the ICO.

Another sports star, is an American professional basketball player Stephen Curry (Stephen Curry) became the prototype of the line “cryptonomicon” of the blockchain of the game CryptoKitties. However, and this project too was suspended.

In July it became known that the racer Formula 1 Fernando Alonso (Fernando Alonso) decided to create a digital library of your own pictures and videos in the blockchain. Thanks to the fans, Alonso will be able to place on the platform your content with your favorite driver and get his reward.

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