The provider of a digital wallet that works with bitcoin (BTC) and Cash (BCH), planning to buy an existing or start your own cryptocurrency exchange. This was stated by CEO Roger Ver (Roger Ver) in an interview with Bloomberg.

According to Faith, a platform for cryptocurrency trading will be posted on the website As expected, a large amount of traffic will be attributable to the various services, such as transactions of wallet and news. Ver pointed out, at the expense of customers the new platform will get “thousands or tens of thousands of new users each day.”

He mentioned that he expects the emergence of a partner to create exchanges, however, the team will cope “on their own”.

“If we create it ourselves, we can do it very cheap, and we get exactly what we want. But we can’t provide the level of security already proven exchanges,” said Ver.

Early bitcoin investor and Evangelist, Bitcoin Cash also noted that the base currency of the new crypto currency exchange Bitcoin is Cash that is supposed to be a stimulus for much wider dissemination Coyne.

Note that Roger Ver has repeatedly stated that BCH — currency better than bitcoin, and that it is closer to the original idea of Satoshi Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto).

“#BitcoinCash is bitcoin described by Satoshi Nakamoto: P2P electronic money to the world. BTC is something else, controlled by a handful of people who know nothing about the economy” he wrote on Twitter yesterday.

In the framework of the Delta Malta Summit, held October 5, Ver said that the leading cryptocurrency “is no longer suitable to be considered money.” However, he stressed that digital currency is the only tool that can lead the world to economic freedom, and promised that in this way he “will never surrender”.

Meanwhile, in may 2018 leading service that tracks cryptocurrency markets, CoinMarketCap quietly removed the reference to the charges stemmed from allegations that the site was misleading users, positioning Bitcoin Cash as a original bitcoin (approx. for a leading cryptocurrency on the website it is called Bitcoin Core).

Recall, after reports of a significant decline in the share of BCH in the market of global payments, as well as after publication of some pessimistic predictions about the course of the BCH team Bitcoin Cash had a stress-test your mainnet. During the test, the purpose of which was to demonstrate the potential and scalability of the core network Bitcoin Cash was processed 2.1 million transactions that caused no growth of commissions.