Blockchain startup Ripple has published a report on the XRP markets for the third quarter, showing an increase in profits from the sale of a digital asset in two times in comparison with the second quarter of 2018.

According to the report, Ripple sold XRP for $163,33 million, while last quarter it was about $75.53 million Growth largely due to the increase in the share of direct sales to institutional investors – it was $98,06 million, which compares favorably with the figures from last quarter of $16,87. On the other hand, net profit from programmatic sales were not so great — from $56.55 million to $65.27 million

With this in mind, the Ripple has not yet reached the level of the first quarter, when sales of the token brought startup $of 167.7 million, However, compared with the previous year, the company is clearly in win: for the third quarter of last year, Ripple sold $19.6 million XRP through direct sales and $32.6 million through programmatic-sale, and it was a time when the bull run on the cryptocurrency market was in full swing.

In its report, the Ripple also notes that in the third quarter led from his escrow account 3 billion XRP, while 2.6 billion tokens in total were placed for the new escrow account. As for the 400 million XRP that were required, the company they “used a number of measures to support ecosystem XRP” — a more detailed startup information does not provide.

Not according to the Ripple and the influx of new customers. However, it is worth noting: in the last quarter, called the report a “best in history” from the point of view of growth of consumer base, this argument was very helpful, given the General decline in the market.

This time probably do not need: Ripple draws attention to the fact that, despite the downward trend of the course XRP throughout the greater part of the quarter, which generally corresponds to the entire cryptocurrency market at the end of September, there was a rally.

Recall that in recent months the company has entered into multiple agreements, and said the use of its service xRapid in the immediate activities of the three companies.

Furthermore, the inclusion of the XRP in options to Deposit crypto-Nexo creditor allowed to talk about the emergence of additional consumer properties of the asset, rather efficient from the point of view of the interviewed representatives of the community.