Danny Aranda (Aranda Danny), managing Director for strategic growth of the company Ripple, said the savings, which can offer the blockchain, is not the main advantage of this technology: more important than the level of growth that it can provide to clients in the business sector, including banks.

In an interview at the Conference MJAC CryptoCompare in London Aranda explained why companies make the choice in favor of the payment solutions of Ripple, and how the startup works with regulators. According to him, cryptologist is distracted from the search for savings, using the blockchain, and concentrate on the more important aspect of potential growth.

“I don’t think that the actual business proposal is related to savings. I think we are talking about the growth of the potential income. Often when we talk to banks, we relate more to opportunities to offer new services to customers, ways of attracting new customers and entering new markets,” said Danny Aranda.

He also noted that the blockchain is a technology that is able to solve the problem, due to the lack of a global Bank and global payment systems. In his opinion, “the blockchain is the next stage in the evolution of the Internet.”

“There will be a new web and money will be built in it” — said the representative of the Ripple.

Discussing the progress of the countries of South-East Asia in the field of innovative technologies, Aranda expressed confidence that it gives them a “great opportunity”, and suggested that the market will increase significantly as the technology was already introduced and used.

In response to the remark of the interviewer that banks “are afraid of everything connected with the” Krypto, he noticed that the cause of this fear is a lack of understanding. However, the representative of the startup is convinced that banks don’t have to understand how to operate cryptologie, in order to use them: in the current situation the company’s management does not come to mind in-depth understanding of how the Internet to run a website.

As for regulation, interview reaffirmed the intention of the startup to interact with regulators.

“Regulators is a key participant in the evolution of this space. I think in this process we must be proactive. To educate regulators and show them how it works within the existing framework,” explained Danny Aranda.

The representative of the tech startup said that the company focuses on cross-border payments, and what they want to be more competitive than a traditional payment network SWIFT.

“You can’t win at something a little better, in most cases, you need to be ten times better. SWIFT — this is really a serious competitor. If we’re going to get ahead of them, what we offer must be truly worthwhile,” said Aranda.

It should be noted that some demonstration of the capabilities of the company became TV shows Ellen DeGeneres, in which Ashton Kutcher (Ashton Kutcher) on behalf of Ripple transferred $4 million in XRP to her wildlife Fund.

Thus, as we know, the startup has made some efforts in promoting blockchain education. So, in the beginning of the month Ripple announced the investment of $50 billion in University research projects in technology. Program participants were seventeen educational institutions, including Princeton University and the Massachusetts Institute of technology.

In late March, the company also donated $29 million a charitable organization that helps schools, for the development of “next generation leaders”.

We will remind, at the same time cryptocurrency tokens of the company’s XRP, occupying third place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies, compiled in terms of market capitalization, there are still no listing of the American crypto currency exchange Coinbase, that again was widely discussed in the network after adding exchange support cryptocurrency No. 18 — Ethereum Classic (ETC).

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