Ripple yesterday announced a new program Xpring for “investment, promotion, acquisition and grants to companies and projects under the control of authorised businesses.” Instead, the latter are obliged to use the registry Ripple and XRP, the native token.

News about the new program appeared on the official website of the company. The announcement also mentions new employees Ripple, specially hired to work on Xpring. This list includes Ethan beard (Ethan Beard), former Director of the Facebook Developer Network, who received the post of first Vice-President of Ripple and programs Xpring.

Commenting on the new initiative of the Ripple and their participation, he said

“I love to help startups grow using new technology and industry developments. In Facebook, we have witnessed how companies from the gaming, music and news industries using our platform came out to big business, the blockchain and digital assets are able to solve the acute problems, and XRP — c its speed, scalable, and proven real benefit, is a great tool to generate business, whether startups or individual entrepreneurs”.

In addition, he became famous list of participants of the first Xpring. It includes:

  • Scooter Braun (Scooter Braun) — entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, founder of SB Projects. Plans to use blockchain XRP for several projects designed to help artists monetize their content and control its use.
  • Stefan Thomas (Stefan Thomas), the inventor Interledger Protocol (ILP), Creator of BitcoinJS, co-founder TxtBear. Recently opened a new plant Coil. The meaning of the initiative is to introduce ILP in the code XRP to support different kinds of payments, for example, to purchase individual pieces of media.
  • Thomas McLeod (Thomas McLeod), co-founder and CEO of Omni, which soon will begin to use the token XRP as a payment option on the domestic market.
  • Bart and brad Stevens (Stephens Bart & Brad Stephens), the co-founder of Blockchain Capital — companies with the first Fund making demands on capital in the digital assets.

Brown also shared his expectations from working with Xpring:

“The blockchain technology and digital assets like XRP, will provide artists new promotion channels and sources of income”.

Before the announcement Xpring last partner Ripple has become a South Korean exchange, Coinone. Under the terms of the agreement and its branch, working with retail remittances, integrates xCurrent to your new service for retail customers.