Ripple led a group of companies United with the aim of lobbying the cryptocurrency sector to Washington, DC. This publication reports Business Standard.

The Association was named Securing America’s Internet of Coalition Value (SAIV). In addition to Ripple it includes RippleWorks Foundation, a digital payments Coil, an investment company Hard Yaka and PolySign company that develops cryptocurrency custodial service. The majority of group members is directly related to Ripple: Coil created her former CTO Stefan Thomas (Stefan Thomas), and Hard Yaka led a project to create a prepaid card for purchases in XRP.

Companies hope to jointly influence the regulation of cryptocotyle at a time when government bodies only learn the new technology. Members of the coalition are confident that the regulatory regime in the field, you need to upgrade to safely survive global changes in the financial system.

The goal of SAIV is to promote the fair values of the Internet (Internet of Value), to develop standards and harmonized rules for all major platforms and refinement of custody standards. Also, the coalition is committed to influence the policy of the IRS (IRS) in respect of income associated with cryptocurrency.

To perform all tasks SAIV hired a company the Klein/Johnson Group, which makes bipartisan cooperation and lobbying the issues related to new technologies in financial services. The company, founded by two former senators will receive from the coalition of $25,000 per month and an additional 10,000 tokens Ripple (XRP). As explained by the Executive Chairman Ripple, and Chris Larsen (Chris Larsen), cost of tokens lobbyists will allow them to feel the essence of the industry, to be inside the process.

Larsen also admitted that the lobbying of the crypto sphere will not be easy to provide, but in Washington there are a lot of people interested in this.

One of the founders of the Klein/Johnson Group said that SAIV plans to work with Congress, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission, the IRS and all other government bodies or otherwise regulate scriptural. Chapter PolySign noted that digital assets will be fully recognized only when the people are well aware of how they work, and kriptonyte appear institutional infrastructure.

We will remind, last week the Ripple announced the launch of social programs “Ripple for Good”, aimed at educational projects and increasing access to financial services.