Ripple announced the release of a working version xCurrent 4.0. According to first Vice-President of the production Department Rippe Ashish Birla (Asheesh Birla), xCurrent 4.0 will be more closely integrated with the company’s other products, xRapid; however, the use of the latter will remain completely voluntary for customers.

Read more Birla explained what is deep integration:

“The new version includes the following option: in countries where you think this is possible and where available xRapid using interface xCurrent you can benefit from the liquidity xRapid”.

Preparation for full transition to version 4.0 started in September. Reporters found that CoinDesk, currently part of the Ripple clients, including American Express, Santander and Itaú, are in the process of implementing the updated xCurrent. As a hardware base xCurrent 4.0 is located directly at customers ‘ sites, the exact date of the completion of the upgrade yet, however, Birla added that all new partners Ripple will work with the latest version of the product.

In addition, xCurrent 4.0 includes a system of “multihop”, to forward payments to the customer network for faster processing, as well as “foreign exchange wholesale” system purchase currencies in large volumes, allowing to provide liquidity to the Fiat inventory due to changes in prices.

According to CoinDesk, none of the clients Ripple already using xCurrent 4.0, did not use integration with xRapid. So, Manager of corporate communications at Banco Santander Ovidio Cordero (Ovidio Cordero) announced that the Bank has not yet completed the upgrade, and Santander developed the payment application is connected exclusively to xCurrent. He continued:

“Santander does not yet appear to need upgrading to provide customers access to all the benefits One Pay FX”.

On the idea of Ripple, xCurrent 4.0 must compete payment system SWIFT. The intention to circumvent SWIFT in the market of banking transfers already announced CEO brad Ripple Arlinghaus (Brad Garnlinghouse) in refutation of the rumors about a possible collaboration.