According to the ICO Journal, Ripple concluded negotiations with the us stock exchange Nasdaq on listing XRP. This information was confirmed by three independent source in leadership positions and who wished to remain anonymous.

According to interlocutors, The ICO Journal, the negotiations lasted over four months. Under the terms of the agreements, XRP will be included in the row of the starting assets for cryptocurrency site of the Nasdaq, which will start in early 2019.

During interviews with sources, correspondents of The Journal, the ICO found that the key point of the exchange was the market capitalization. The operational structure of the Ripple and charges community excessive centralization in the negotiations was not taken into account:

“We don’t pay attention to the hype. We are interested in the scale. If we’re going to open this site with a range of five to seven of the top cryptocurrencies, why would we exclude XRP? For this there are no good reasons, at least according to our estimates. Look at it this way: around Bitcoin Cash as much hype, how many have ever been or ever will Ripple around the token. Nevertheless, BCH is trading almost everywhere, on all exchanges. Therefore, we do not see any reason to refuse the listing XRP. On the contrary, we reached an understanding and agreement with what they’re doing.”

A second source confirmed that the market capitalization of the Nasdaq is the main criterion:

“Market capitalization is crucial, in General, everything. Ripple and XRP can at any time take second place. So to make a decision about listing XRP step to start trading cryptocurrency for us was pretty simple… We did not delve into the essence of all these disputes about XRP as “licenzirovanie action.” When we review such decisions for us is more important than capitalization. Ripple meets this requirement, as well as some others. In addition, they are the most prepared for the compliance, due diligence and immediately sent several of his managers to negotiate with us. Given all this and the market coverage of their token, it was a very easy decision.”

Earlier, the Ripple continued to provide the appearance of your asset at Coinbase. The relationship between the startup and the exchange escalated. Administrative officer Ripple, talked with The ICO Journal, enthusiastically responded about the suspension of dialogue with this panel:

“A positive response — and rightly, I believe, frees us from the need to take any excessive steps, which would require us to Coinbase to bring XRP in compliance with whatever standards the listing that they think is important. We would be only happy if XRP will appear on Coinbase, but we simply do not want to toil for it.”

Forecast one of the sources was correct: last week, the XRP temporarily replaced Ethereum from the second spot in the ranking of the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. Media expect further growth after the official launch of payment solutions. xRapid.