Ripple and African company-payment service provider Flutterwave announced the beginning of cooperation. Flutterwave have already integrated your root Core API xCurrent.

At the moment Flutterwave is the only member of RippleNet on the African continent. In a press release on the partnership with Ripple, Flutterwave emphasized the key role of this agreement to its mission:

“Over the last two years our main task was to help banks and businesses in providing reliable and secure payment solutions, while we were looking for new opportunities of entering the global market.

We also found that building partnerships is one of the main factors in achieving our mission; that’s why we recently joined the Ripple Blockchain Network”.

By the combined use of Core API and xCurrent simplifies sending and processing peer-to-peer, B2B and B2C payments within Africa and to the continent from the outside. The structure will be mainly used for flagship product Flutterwave, Rave — payment commercial complex that includes plug-ins for web applications and sites, POS system and more.

As a result of reforms necessary for successful integration xCurrent, InterLedgerProtocol Flutterwave was reformed in mnogocentrowoe system in which every transaction in the blockchain handles exclusively the operation in one specific currency.

Flutterwave installed their first payment within the corridor RippleNet a month ago, in September, but a full participant in the network was only now. During the installation of the test corridor partner Flutterwave was a canadian payment processor Remitr.

This month, Ripple managed to sign about ten agreements on cooperation. Last to RippleNet joined Omni and Nexo.