App London FINTECH start-up Revolut today will support Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. Earlier on the platform Revolut could be purchased and stored only BTC, LTC and ETH.

Technical Director of the startup Vlad Yatsenko said that the final decision on the extension proposals for the cryptocurrency was taken:

“We asked our community what cryptocurrency they would like to see in the app in the future, and we were amazed at the demand for XRP and Bitcoin Cash”.

Another reason was the fact that “the other major crypto currency exchange not yet held a listing of these digital currencies”.

The news about adding XRP and BCH to the list of supported Revolut assets appeared simultaneously with the report of the company on the trading volume. According to the company’s management, their daily application handles 100,000 transactions per day. It is expected that these figures will increase with the expansion of the range of currencies.

In addition, not so long ago the company added the “store” through which users will be able to create a financial cushion due to the “delivery” transactions, or regular payments. The latter implies a choice of the actual asset and the frequency of contributions to the repository. These contributions not displayed in the main account Revolut.

The company plans to increase the investment options from stocks, indexes and ETFs.

The startup has gained popularity of the crypto community and investors because of the functionality of the application that allows you to exchange Fiat currency for virtual. A month ago Revolut became a “unicorn” startup with a market capitalization exceeding $1 billion.