Relex — international investment platform based on blockchain technology for fast, safe and transparent investment in under construction properties around the world. The owners of the tokens have the right to become a trusted owner of shopping centers, office buildings and other facilities. The project started in October 2017, but has already established itself in the cryptocurrency market, because real estate is not planning to lose its value.

Immediately after the start of the project, its founders managed to attract investors and sign contracts with three major developers from Vietnam, Canada and the United States. In connection with attractive for investors conditions, it is not surprising that the capitalization of the project increased by 440% to $4.4 million in just six months.

Information about RELEX the token:

  • Symbol: RLX
  • Standard: ERC-20
  • Initial emissions: 2 billion coins
  • Trading for: Stocks.Exchange EtherDelta, IDEX, ForkDelta

According to analysts, the token RLX ahead of the other at least because he entered the market without carrying out ICO. The dynamics of the value of the token also shows a high interest on the stock exchanges and the increase in price.

According to the creators, to date, interest in the project continues to grow, and it can be a profitable investment for everyone.

It should be noted that the Relex team consists of experienced bankers, lawyers and international advisors in real estate investment. For the project are such major companies as MBMG Group, and Squawk Leopard Capital Advisors Inc. with an investment potential of USD 2 billion.

At the moment, the platform cooperates closely with the Empire Group and the Nam Hai, which implement the tourism project entertainment CocoBay in Vietnam. The other partner is a canadian company Woodfine Capital Projects from Toronto — doing business in America, Canada and Mexico.

Relex said about himself and at the world economic forum in Yalta, which is in the TOP 4 major economic events in Russia. Another positive news was the addition of a new token on the Singapore stock exchange.. The run full working version of the framework RELEX is planned for July 2018.

The portfolio Relex also a lot of developers that work on the project. For example, CEO Ken Vo TAP Investment, which held an online conference to all holders of RLX in may 2018, has informed that offers cooperation to proxy developers Relex.

In June 2018, the company announced its partnership with the canadian company Katipult, which in turn is the leading partner liaison and support for financial companies and provides a comprehensive solution for automatic compliance for cross-border investment. This cooperation gives the opportunity Relex to work with multiple government agencies around the world.

In addition, the company is holding an event on August 19-20, 2018 year: holders of a token RLX offers a unique opportunity to fly to Vietnam for the event Relexация, the team intends to pay all expenses for the flight. Token holders will be able to see the sites for development, as well as to communicate with the developer Ken Vo, relax in luxury hotels and get the title of Relex Ambassador for participation in this event. According to the organizers, this is another confirmation of the fact that Relex is the only project of its kind.

Plans for the further development of the developers say in a positive way. According to their forecasts, by the end of the second quarter of 2018, is expected to listing of the new token on popular exchanges, as well as increasing the volume of trading in 10 times. The project team plans to attract investors from countries with the greatest concentration of users of cryptocurrencies (America, Japan and South Korea) with the aim of increasing the market capitalization of a project up to 200 million USD.

The developers no doubt that the Relex team will be able to achieve all these goals, and this project deserves attention from future partners and investors.

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