The decision for scaling Ethereum called Raiden launched a new test network. According to the developers, it will be the final before release mainnet.

Yesterday at the developers conference Dappcon, which was held in Berlin, was announced last testnet allowing ofcan payments in the air. It includes updated code of the smart contract and improved payment channels, which has a recovery feature in case of accidental closing.

“This is the first step to switch to mainnet,” said core developer of the project, Karapetsas Lefteris (Lefteris Karapetsas).

Recall that the first trial decision Raiden was launched last September, and have experienced a new form of payment channels where users can make a direct transaction, thereby relieving the core network.

During the presentation, Karapetsas asked the developers to help the project team to “catch all bugs”, promising a reward for their help.

“It’s very important that people have tested our network for feedback we have a user interface, APIs, and open a commit on Github. We expect that by the time of the launch of the mainnet will be free from bugs,” said Karabatsos.

It is worth noting that Raiden is in no hurry to name the exact date of launch of the mainnet, but as before, plans to do this summer.

Karapetsas stressed that they had in stock a little over a month and it is expected that the core network will have all the functions that are already in the current version.

He also added that Raiden will provide regular updates to the code and work on the optimization and after the release mainnet. An important element, according to him, cooperation with other projects, optimizing the Ethereum network.

“Our long-term goal is to allow people to carry out OTC transfer tokens directly from your phone. In the future our product is likely to be a kind of a hybrid, interacting with other solutions to scalability, sharding and the system of smart contracts Plasma”.

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