Most likely, you’ve never heard of the Romanian company RebTech, but recently she presented a very interesting line of products aimed specifically at enthusiasts of mining using graphics cards. The most interesting device RebTech 8GPU-MB and RebTech USB-VGA AMD Radeon RX 470 8GB.

As the name implies, 8GPU-MB is a motherboard designed for cryptocurrency mining. This solution offers everything you need to build farm with 8 cards. The Board comes with an AMD processor A6-8500, integrated video card 4 GB DDR3 RAM and 120 GB SSD with MSATA interface. The main thing — 8 built-in USB adapter/PCI-E (so-called “risers”).

It is noteworthy that the motherboard is made in the form factor of the video card so that you will be able to tie it to the rack of the farm as a standard accelerator. Another feature is the use of only line power supply 12 Volts, so that users can use a server power supply units more efficient and reliable.

RebTech USB-VGA AMD Radeon RX 470 8GB at first glance may seem like a standard video card on the chip Radeon RX 470, but it is tailored for mining. Here we use the built-in adapter PCI-E / USB, so additional expansion boards are not required — the USB cable is connected directly to the device. Also, there is not the usual PCI-E x16 slot and you’ll be clamping to the frame, which allows to consider a more efficient way of placing the equipment on the racks of the farm. However, the developers left a single HDMI output, so that if desired, the customer can connect the monitor.

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