Two-time series champion Formula 1 Fernando Alonso (Fernando Alonso) will become one of the first stars of world level, all the videos and photos which are moved to the blockchain.

The famous racer recently won the race “24 hours of Le Mans”, has signed an agreement with WENN Digital Inc, in which the digital library of photo and video content with Alonso will be placed on the platform KODAKOne, beta-testing, which is scheduled for late 2018 – early 2019.

Recall that the work on the blockchain-a platform for copyright protection of photographers became known in January. This is a joint project of the famous American manufacturer of photographic equipment and Kodak developer blockchain systems WENN Digital.

Under this agreement, fans of Alonso will be able to place on the platform of your photos and videos with your favorite racer without worrying about copyright, and receiving awards.

“Now content is distributed through different channels, especially when such big events like F1 race and the WEC,” said Fernando Alonso. “I am glad to have the opportunity to reward my fans and professional photographers for their work, and that only one platform can protect the content they create”.

Chief commercial officer WENN Digital donani of Benedict (Benedikt Dohnanyi) noted that over the year there are hundreds of thousands of new photos and videos with famous athletes, such as Fernando Alonso. And if in the past there was no way to track all this content, now thanks to the KODAK One, this problem can be resolved by encouraging the participants some nice bonuses.

“Let’s say someone took a picture of Alonso from the podium during the race. When the platform KODAK One is launched, this person put a photo on the platform will immediately get a copyright. Together with Fernando Alonso, we plan to build on the platform KODAKOne ecosystem, which will give fans the opportunity to get the content of rewards. They can be used for various services, activities to attract fans and with the purchase of various goods within a given ecosystem,” — said Donnie.

Dohnanyi also expressed the hope that the Spanish racer of the Formula 1 will be the first, but not the only celebrity interested in the services of this platform. According to him, negotiations are underway about the possibility of similar cooperation with other well-known personalities.

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