Vladimir Putin spoke about cryptocurrency during the annual Direct line, which was held yesterday, 7 June. The Russian President said that the government is very careful in this matter, but should study the technology, to the future not to face financial constraints.

Questions about the cryptocurrency, Putin was asked a Moscow blogger. He asked whether there will be Russia has its own cryptocurrency, whether or not the state to control this and will it have the digital currency in the future to replace conventional money. Answering questions, Putin noted the incorrectness of the language and explained:

“Their cryptocurrency in Russia cannot be determined. Just as there can be your cryptocurrency in any other country, because it is something that transcends national borders.”

Putin noted that the regulators of most countries do not regard digital currencies as means of payment. The exception is Japan, where, according to the President, “that part applies”. The head of state added that Russia needs to learn what is happening in the global cryptocurrency market, to understand at what point she may join. This is necessary for the country over possible restrictions in international financial activities.

We will remind that the State Duma has considered three bills relating to the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Two of them — “on digital of financial assets” and “digital rights”, even passed its first reading on 22 may. Both bills also sought to introduce into the Russian legal terminology the basic concepts associated with new services such as blockchain, tokens and others. All digital of financial assets may not be legal tender in the country, but are considered property. The Central Bank is appointed by the regulator cryptocurrency trading and holding of ICO.

Some experts believe that the bills are lacking, as there is still no adequate legal language in this area. Political analyst Mikhail Komin from the Center for strategic research I am sure that the Parliament is only able to ban the technology, but this does not happen, as the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry are already using the blockchain. He hopes that the bills will not receive further course and be forgotten.

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