Trustee Of The Mt. Gox, responsible for the elimination of 200,000 BTC in the wallets closed as a result of bankruptcy of the stock exchange, translated from the address 8200 bitcoin. According to some media reports, the funds had already been brought to the market, which led to today’s drop in the exchange rate of BTC to three-week low.

The transfer of the funds was held yesterday in two stages. The total amount liquidated in this time funds were ~4215 BTC that exceeds $36 013 000 (at the exchange rate at the time of publication). Now owned by the stock exchange of bitcoins equal to 137 890 units.

The previous round of liquidation of the assets of Mt. Gox was held in late April. Then the Trustee of the funds, Nobuaki Kobayashi (Nobuaki Kobayashi) sold 16 000 bitcoins — about 141 million in dollar equivalent. According to Insight, at the same time Kobayashi brought the addresses of Mt. Gox 16 000 BCH. He recognizes that the mass emissions of many large sums on the market adversely affect and so volatile assets, but despite this, continues to eliminate the entrusted funds through the stock exchange. It is unknown whether the Trustee is empowered to sell BTC and BCH in the OTC order.

Despite the fact that eliminated almost half of the funds, former CEO of Mt. Gox mark Karpeles (Mark Karpeles) is going to replace the elimination of “civil rehabilitation” that users have been reimbursed directly to the tokens and not their fatny the equivalent of a triple conversion first in Japanese yen and then to USD.

Course correction is not stopped even positive news about the plans of the institutions in wall street in relation to bitcoin. Claims cryptocurrency investor and a leading analyst Fast Money Brian Kelly (Brian Kelly), the parent company of the NYSE Exchange ICE has developed a solution to custody problems of organizations-owners of BTC, which in his opinion, should have a positive impact on the capitalization of cryptocurrency market in General.