Blockchain company PundiX and HARA Indonesian company specializing in the development and information of agriculture, has announced the launch of a joint project. In the framework of this initiative, thousands of farmers of Indonesia will be equipped with terminals PundiX; plans of the companies, it should remove barriers to the participation of farmers in the global economy and to optimize the data collection on the state of the agricultural sector.

In the first stage of the experiment, the terminal will be distributed in the ratio of 1:200 (one device will benefit 200 farmers). For providing data on the volume of harvest, environmental and market conditions and other households will receive tokens HARA, which you can also withdraw in Fiat. Payment of the remuneration, as well as the procedure for the exchange of tokens will be carried out using devices PundiX. In addition, farmers will be able to use their data for internal Analytics and subsequent optimization of production.

The project is expected to HARA and PundiX will make the economy more inclusive and independent banking institutions. According PundiX, more than half of the solvency of the population do not have Bank accounts or credit cards, despite the fact that the banking sector of Indonesia consists of more than 200 institutions.

A more detailed explanation of the relationship between banks and farmers was given by the Regent of the settlement Bacalan (Bakalan), Listiana (Listiyono):

“HARA can enhance financial inclusion, as they can ensure the accuracy of the data on the farms, which facilitates the process for banks. For example, banks require certificates of rights to land, but many farmers don’t have any. Sometimes they also require proof of payment of taxes, but most farmers have no INN.”

President PundiX Konstantin Papadimitriou (Papadimitriou Constantin) commented on the news about HARA in emerging markets:

“From the very beginning the main goal was PundiX providing access to blachan technology and its benefits to people without Bank accounts to promote financial inclusion and independence. We are proud to terminals PundiX will soon be distributed throughout a vast network of farms-HARA partners and help them realize their plans to improve key sectors of the global economy and quality of lives of hundreds of millions of people directly dependent on him.”

Further, HARA and PundiX plan to go to 7 additional markets in South and South-East Asia, Latin America and East Africa.

Terminals XPOS blockchain is not the only device on PundiX. In October, the company introduced its own smartphone based on a fully decentralized operating system.