Blockchain-a project of the cryptographer David Chuma (David Chaum) Elixxir revealed the list of top investors. Including Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen (Chris Larsen).

Network Elixxir has been in development for two years. In an interview with CoinDesk, published in September, Chum said that his network uses at least two breakthrough solutions. According to him, the blockchain Elixxir pre-calculate the disposable public key, thus reducing time to complete transactions. Through this network, capable of processing more than 100 thousand operations per second. In addition, a method of encoding public keys Elixxir makes the architecture of the blockchain is immune to decryption by quantum computers.

In a press release Elixxir published on PR-Cision resource, also highlights the energy efficiency of the blockchain and reinforced measures to protect privacy of nodes.

According Elixxir, the startup has already received 1,500 applications for the placement of nodes and an interest in participating in the project was expressed by more than 500 developers.

Commenting on the launch of the alpha version of the blockchain Elixxir, Chris Larsen said

“David Chaum defended the value of privacy in the digital environment for nearly forty years. I’m proud to be one of the first investors Elixxir and look forward to when this customer-centric network will open the door to a world of security to millions of people.”

Ripple itself also continues to increase profit and the number of partners. Recently it became known that the Administration of President of the United States is interested in a strategic partnership with Ripple to combat the dominant position of China in the sector of mining.