Huawei Technologies Co. announced that all new smartphones manufactured by the company will be sold with pre-installed application for wallet In addition, from today it will appear in their own mobile shop ON Huawei App Gallery.

According to Bloomberg, this is the first app for Huawei devices associated with digital currencies. In an interview Vice-President of commercial services Alejandro de La Torre (Alejandro de la Torre) said:

“This is a good opportunity to enter the Chinese market. The share of cashless payments via apps is quite high, and the traditional banking sector lags behind; so it would be a good case for the introduction of crypto-currency payments.”

In March there were reports that Huawei plans to release DApp-compatible smartphones. In April, the company announced the launch of platforms like BaaS (“blockchain as a service”) for the development of smart contracts is “high-performance, public and serbezovski services in the field of blockchain technology for businesses and developers”.

In China, Huawei is a leader in the field of communication technologies, alone taking one-fifth of the market of mobile devices. For the 1st quarter of 2018 the smartphone maker failed to reach the figures at 11.8% in the same sector, but on a global level.

Vice President mobile services Huawei Jaime Gonzalo (Gonzalo Jaime) said:

“Given our leading position in China, a country that only opens for mobile payments, we expect significant growth of the cryptocurrency implementation in the future.”

Despite the positive attitude of Huawei, the legal context for the spread of crypto-currency payments in China so far does not match the pattern described by de La Torre and Gonzalo. The Chinese authorities shut down cryptocurrency exchanges have banned the ICO, and also blocked the Google Play Store. However, the situation may change: a foundations and organizations, or otherwise associated with the government, actively participate in the development of blockchain technology, either directly or by funding promising local start-UPS.