American cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex will exclude the margin and loan products from its offer for American users, and will refuse to listing three digital assets — the statement was published yesterday.

Poloniex is a platform for cryptotrading created in 2014 as a marketplace for digital currency exchange without the use of Fiat. In February 2018, the stock exchange was purchased by the famous cryptocurrency startup Circle, the sum of transaction has made $400 million today, according to CoinMarketCap, Poloniex 46th position in the ranking of the exchanges in terms of adjusted trading volume.

According to the statement, American users will no longer be able to trade with leverage and make loans to margin traders, the decision will come into force “until the end of the year.” Poloniex explained this by the need to ensure compliance with regulators in all jurisdictions, however, exactly what the regulation refers to — is not specified.

In addition, the exchange decided to delist three of cryptocurrency: Synereo (AMP), Expanse (EXP) and Gnosis (GNO), so users will have to stop the bidding with the participation of all coin until 10 October and within 30 days to withdraw their funds.

It should be noted that in 2018 the exchange was frequently the subject of criticism from users.

In July, the exchange has come to the attention of the Ministry of justice of the state of Delaware at the time of social media and support centers are flooded with user complaints about that Poloniex froze their accounts. Earlier in may, some customers were sent letters demanding to verify the accounts within 14 days for a warning followed by a really tough measures, and — much earlier, sometimes in the same day: the accounts haven’t passed the verification procedure have been blocked.

Then users Poloniex turned to the unofficial page of the exchange to Reddit, complaining about the missing and “stuck” deposits. As noted by one of the customer complaints were so many that he chose to close my account, despite the fact that he raised was not.