Startup, mobile payments, Uphold completed the integration of the XRP ledger on its platform, and became the first application, making the XRP the public in the United States.

We will remind that about plans of integration with the Ripple network representatives Uphold announced in late March, and two months later was released. Now the customers a startup can have addresses of XRP wallets directly through the app.

The press release notes that the app Uphold — one of the few consumer digital cash platforms, which supports full connection to the XRP ledger. This is an important advantage, because most competitors offer only storage services to crypto-speculators. In other words, they can’t give out the actual address of XRP wallets, and so their clients will not be able to Deposit, withdraw or send XRP to other digital wallets — only to share their scriptactive on Fiat currency.

In addition, Uphold one of the first global retail platforms, providing instant access to XRP via Bank transfer, debit/credit cards and several other payment systems that support cryptocurrency.

“This step is an important milestone for and Uphold our clients. We were the first who have easier access to the XRP in the USA, so extending our offer to full connection to the XRP ledger was a logical next step. This space is full of new wallets, which offer access to the cryptocurrency. But if you read what is written in the fine print, you will realize that most of them did not actually sell cryptocurrency and therefore, have a negative impact on the market”, — said the Director for income startup Robin O’connell (Robin O’connell).