Today payment blockchain app SBI Holdings and Ripple, MoneyTap, switched to the regular operating mode. The program is available for smartphones based on iOS and Android.

MoneyTap uses the Ripple payment solution xCurrent, which does not require the conversion of the amount in the native token XRP. On the product website emphasizes that transactions are processed “in real time” regardless of the banks of the recipient addressee.

The functionality of the application includes sending means via the phone number or QR code. The program also includes authorization and approval of transactions using biometric data, e.g. fingerprints.

At the moment the service is only available to customers of three banks-the consortium members SBI: SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Suruga Bank, and Resona Bank. Transfers are not subject to taxes and are including in foreign currency.

SBI has obtained permission for Agency processing of electronic payments at the end of September. The compulsory registration of companies using the API for banking was introduced in Japan on 1 June this year.

In addition to SBI Holdings, xCurrent uses the banking group Santander. App Santander on the basis of the blockchain Ripple began work in April.

Another product of the startup, xRapid also designed to process payments, however, its functionality provides for the mandatory use of XRP. According to Ripple CEO brad Garlinghouse (Brad Garlinghouse), the service used three commercial American company.