Schiphol international airport, Amsterdam, is planning to set machine to exchange euros for bitcoins or ether.

In a press release stated that the machine will be installed in the relegation zone: thus, passengers will be able to convert cash balances in one of the popular crypto-currencies before you leave the area of the European Union. Software base working prototype was created in collaboration with a local company-developer AT ByeleX.

The new service is in the process of testing, which will take six months. During this time, the airport management hopes to determine the level of demand for the service among customers.

Tanya dick (Tanja Dik), the Director of the division of consumer goods and services Schiphol airport:

“Machine in exchange for bitcoins we hope to provide our customers a useful service, giving them the opportunity to exchange “local” Euro “global” cryptocurrency: bitcoin and ether. This can be useful, if, for example, passengers can not pay in euros in their home country”.

Schiphol first airport is not planning to introduce a service associated with digital currencies. The airport of Brisbane, Australia, announced the intention to incorporate cryptocurrencies in the number of payment options available from the sales points in the terminal.

The DLT technology is used in the airline industry and outside the financial niche. So, a Swiss company, a provider of air transport services Swissport commenced trial launch of its own blockchain-based platform for handling.

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