Company-the software maker Opera Software released a beta version of its web browser for Android with built-in cryptocurrency wallet. The app also fully supports the 3.0 Web-based interface Ethereum and includes a catalog of decentralized applications.

The purse is designed for all tokens of the standard ERC-20 and noninteracting assets CryptoKitties and uses methods system lock to sign and authorize transactions. In the future Mozilla plans to add more crypto-currencies and tokens “for collectors”.

As stated in a press release published in the blog of Mozilla, the developers hope that their browser will provide users with access to the “Internet of values”, but also facilitate practical daily use cryptocurrency. Senior product Manager for the Mozilla Crypto Hamel Charles (Charles Hamel) more described the vision of the project:

“We hope that this will accelerate the transfer of crypto currency from the category of funds for investments and speculation to real use by our users for payments and transfers in daily life”.

In addition, Opera wants to use the current market situation to become a “bridge” to the web services of the future, at the same time significantly improving their functionality:

“We think that with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet browser has the potential to reshape and expand its vital role of access to information, the implementation of online transactions and personal information management with a greater degree of control by the user.”

In addition, the beta version allows to pay for purchases in online stores cryptocurrency. At this stage the offer is limited and includes only a few customers Coinbase Commerce, however, Opera is confident in further growth of demand for such a feature in browsers.

To Opera the built-in interface for cryptocurrency transactions provided for only the version of the browser for Brave developers.

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