Company-manufacturer of smartphones and tablets HTC has opened pre-orders for the blockchain smartphone Exodus 1. The device will not be distributed in the usual points of sale, and to pay the purchase Exodus only BTC and ETH.

The declared cost of the device is 0.15 BTC or ETH of 4.78, which is around $960 at the current rate. Thus, the Exodus took place in the price segment of premium smartphones such as the iPhone XS or Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

About the beginning of pre-sales announced during today’s speech on the Web3 Summit the head of the project HTC Exodus, Phil Chen (Phil Chen). Some time later, the announcement was duplicated in the official account of the brand on Twitter. Besides the main part, the company has invited the cooperation of developers and other professionals in the field of crypto-currencies:

“[…] Is the official release of Exodus 1 in early access. We invite a group of developers and enthusiasts to work with us together to create a real protection. Join us, and together we re-build trust with each new phone. Order your now!”

The device is available for pre-order in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, UK and 30 more countries. Dispatch of orders will start in December.

Team HTC Exodus hopes that users who pre-ordered the smartphone, leave your feedback. This will help the developers determine the future direction of development of hardware and software. In comments to CoinDesk Phil Chen explained:

“The initial goal is to work with the community and get help from its members to increase the security of our wallet and technologies; in fact, [aid is] in testing and sending feedback, suggestions [and possible] solutions.”

He added:

“According to the latest data, only 35 million active world of cryptocurrency wallets. HTC Exodus 1 will give users the habit of managing their own keys, which will make Exodus a smartphone designed for a wider market.”

The announcement of the HTC Exodus took place in may. The device stands out from competitors through technological solutions, including the functions of “Smart Key Recovery” that allows to restore access to your wallet even with the loss of the private key. Initially, the list of supported Exodus 1 included the Bitcoin blockchains, Ethereum, Dfinity, and several other major networks. Later it became known that the smartphone will run Lightning Network on the basis of Litecoin.