Professional sports organization in North America Major League baseball (MLB) is going to attract new fans via the blockchain.

MLB announced a partnership with startup from Los Angeles Lucid Sight, in which this summer plans to launch a gaming application based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows fans to become members favorite moments of important matches.

According to Yahoo Finance, the game, called Crypto MLB Baseball, the same is known to all CryptoKitties. Moreover, according to Executive Vice President of MLB Kenny Gersh (Gersh Kenny), who oversees the gaming industry and new projects, the famous viral game most directly influenced decisions taken in the end by the organizers.

“Around the same time where there CryptoKitties, we have already negotiated with Lucid Sight. And then CryptoKitties in some way confirmed the correctness of our actions,” said Hersh.

In order to become participants in the game, users will need to buy the air and transfer it to MetaMask is one of the most popular Ethereum-wallet built into a browser. This will determine the access to trade digital avatars associated with certain moments of past matches. In the course of the game provides rewards and stickers.

It is worth noting that this season the attendance of MLB games dropped, and the organizers hope that the emergence of blockchain-games will help to expand the audience of the League.

“It’s 100% is one of the strategic goals of the initiative. Collecting items relevant to your team interaction with your team to a new level. Tell me what Red Sox (approx. baseball team) going to win the division for a couple of months, and I want to buy something that symbolizes it. That is based on events — those moments of sports matches, which are cherished and want to remember, and to feel that you were there, even if only in digital form,” — said Hersh.

In turn, the co-founder of Lucid Sight Octavio Herrera (Octavio Herrera) in an interview with Yahoo Finance, his team expects that the game will attract more users, not only tech-savvy.

“The game will unfold in several stages. And Yes, for the first version you need air, you’ll need MetaMask, will not be so easy to start. But I’m sure people will open their accounts Coinbase, buy some ether and it transferred to the MetaMask in order to get to his collection of those things, from which they will receive so much pleasure,” said Herrera.

We will remind, the sports industry has not remained aloof from the innovative trends. So, the League of American football Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) developed a system, involving the active participation of fans in control of favorite teams on the basis of a token FAN. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance recently supported the voting platform fans of eSports chiliZ plans — work with teams in traditional sports. In addition, recently it became known about the large-scale cryptocurrency project, which will start a football star, Ronaldinho.

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