The bill and Melinda gates Foundation (Bill and Melinda Gates) The Gates Foundation is expanding its partnership with Ripple to send money to the poorest countries lacking the necessary financial infrastructure, it became easier.

According to Deputy Director Miller of Ebel (Abel Miller), in collaboration with a team of crypto-startups and platform monetization web services Coil Foundation specialists are working to create faster, more efficient method of sending donations directly to those people who need them most.

“We are working in partnership with @ripple and @coil for introduction #Interledger Protocol and explore ways in which #Mojaloop can support specialised payment systems for the poor,” wrote Miller Zenith in his Twitter.

Recall that the bill gates Foundation, which, incidentally, says the cryptocurrency is more than controversial phenomenon, has teamed up with Ripple in the project Mojaloop, it became known in October last year.

At the same time, it’s not all the news about the start of San Francisco. Thus, the loans secured XRP is now available on the Nexo platform.

“XRP secured loans now available on the Nexo platform, making us the first and only crypto-lender, using #XRP as collateral. Get instant access to cash, while maintaining the growth potential of your XRP! #HODL #Ripple” – is listed in Twitter the Nexo project.

In addition, the long-awaited support of the asset finally the company said Omni.

Platform sharing economy Omni allows anyone to rent out a variety of everyday objects instead of just leave them to gather dust.

Now, when someone rents such a thing, its owner can make money not only USD, but also the XRP. Currently, the company offers its services in the Bay area of San Francisco and Portland, but plans in the near future to expand the geography of activity.

It is worth noting, that yesterday the information appeared that the White House can use XRP to counter the dominant position of China in the mining market.