American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced the start of full trading tokens ecosystem browser Brave — BAT (Basic Attention Token) on the platform and exchange applications for Android and iOS.

Now customers of Coinbase can buy, sell, send, receive and store tokens BAT as well as all other crypto-currencies supported by the platform. New option available in most jurisdictions except new York, which has a strict law against cryptocurrency exchanges.

As reported by Coinbase, incoming transactions with the BAT platform started taking last week. A necessary condition for the introduction of all the other features the company was named achievement of the token sufficient liquidity. Only then, the cryptocurrency would be able to go through all the stages of the listing. On the Coinbase exchange stages is four: transfer-only when users can only translate the tokens to the accounts Coinbase Pro; post-only with the possibility of placing limit orders (orders); limit-only when it starts mixing applications; full trading — full access to all operations with the token. To date, BAT has passed all four stages.

After October it became known about the location of token exchange, Coinbase, the cost has risen by more than 20% in a day. In General, in recent years BAT has shown an unprecedented growth in 70% of the original price. At the time of publication of news cryptocurrency BAT is estimated at $0,29, losing about 19% for the last day.

As mentioned above, tokens BAT produces a confidential cryptocurrency browser extensions Brave. Experts believe that one reason for the growth in the value of Coyne was also a recent browser update, the details of which the company announced in April.