Cryptocurrency exchange OmiseGO completed the audit of the Plasma component of its network. The test was conducted by the security company smart contracts Quantstamp; parallel audit solutions Omise at scaling the blockchain holds Synthetic Minds. About this OmiseGO reported yesterday in his blog on Medium.

Omise and Quantstamp also announced the completion of the audit in Twitter. Quantstamp noted that the audit was able to complete before the developers conference Devcon4. Based on blog exchanges, OmiseGO plans to present its integration library.

According to the plan Omise, OMG blockchain will be integrated with Ethereum and Plasma-add-in. Thus, users will be able to operate with tokens standards ERC-20 ERC-72 and licenzirovanie with Fiat currency using a wallet eWallet OmiseGo.

“We will expand opportunities to network OMG Network to support additional cryptocurrencies that will bring us closer to the establishment of a fully independent exchange”.

In addition Omise has announced the transition to the new planning structure. According to the manual exchange, common in industry stage model does not introduce needed clarity into the activities of the project:

“We are on our own experience that the phase model leads to a vicious circle of expectations, speculation, frustration, a slight wave of enthusiasm after the release and return to waiting, at the same time, a clear picture of what is happening between the phases, no.”

Instead Omise will publish the reports about changes at the level of individual tasks required to complete a certain stage. The idea of the team of the exchange, this should make infrastructure development “is less mysterious and never-ending”.

The entire ecosystem OmiseGO Suite includes eWallet and interface framework Plasma Blockchain Scalability, add-in for a future of decentralized exchange and consensus PoS mechanism. Previously it included the infrastructure of the Cosmos DEx, but in may, Omise abandoned it in favor of the Plasma-add-ins.