OmiseGO released their first decentralized application (dApp). A game called “Plasma Dog” has been published on Plasma-add-in the core network Omise, which is under beta testing.

“Plasma Dog” was designed by Studio Hoard, specializing in the integration of cryptocurrency with game content. The announcement of the game took place November 1 during the conference, Devcon 4 in Prague. Now the application is available in browser mode for free.

The game itself is a pixel side-scroller in the spirit of Super Mario Brothers, in which the main character patrols the Plasma-chain, exploring the levels and destroying enemies. Many of the characters “Plasma Dog”, including opponents, represent concepts and phenomena associated with cryptocurrencies and bloccano: defective child chain, administrative collusion, double waste, and others. The game token also received the title of terminology — UTXO, unspent BTC outputs of the network, forming the balance of the purse.

“Dog Plasma” was conceived as “a simple videogame with a component of real property.” Community Manager Hoard Chris Robinson (Chris Robinson) said:

“Real property occurs when players have complete control over the content of their gaming adventure, including avatars, level of experience and skills in-game items, cards and other. If they really belong to the player, he or she will be able to use them for any kind of commercial activities: purchase, partition, sale, lease, exchange and so on in the primary and secondary markets. [In the future] the players should be able to transfer your items from one game to another.”

Probably after the release of the Plasma-add-Omise of the test mode on the platform will have more games. Last week Plasma-framework OmiseGO successfully passed the audit of a security company, smart contracts Quantstamp.