Omise has found a sponsor for Neutrino, co-working space for members of the blockchain industry. They became one of Japan’s “megabanks”, Mizuho.

The aim of coworking promotion of research and assistance in the operational solutions and the application of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency businesses and services.

“Neutrino strives to create a thriving community, bringing together businessmen, companies, regulators and leading experts in the cryptocurrency through regularly held events, workshops and meetings,” reads the project description on its official website.

The announcement, published on the website of the Bank, said that, in agreement with Omise, Mizuho will become a “long term resident” of Neutrino:

“In addition to sponsorship, Mizuho will serve as a long-term resident co-working space, and we look forward to work on new applications of the blockchain and the possibility to contribute to the development of new areas of business, together with many other sponsors, residents and professionals, which plans to bring Neutrino.

For Mizuho blockchain decentralized technology that can have a huge impact on many industries, “simplifying and optimizing” the various business processes. Having set out in the announcement of private plans to use the blockchain to improve financial services, the Bank’s representatives expressed confidence that the Neutrino and mutual cooperation among its residents and promote participants “one step closer to creating new ways of commercial use of the blockchain”.

Mizuho had previously participated in the development and experimental use of distributed registers for record keeping, implementation of cross-border transfer of securities, trade Finance, in partnership with IBM and document exchange.

In addition, the Bank is one of the main investors in the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer and a member blockchain consortium NTT Data.