Last summer, developers of cryptocurrency SiaCoin was announced the first iron miner for your coin, which was called Obelisk SC1 and started to be sold already in the autumn of 2017. However, over time, the power of the old Asik was not enough, so Siacoin announced the release of an updated version of the miner.

If the old device gave out about 300 wahahaha per second in consumption 500 watts of power, the upgraded ASIC will be able to provide a capacity of 800 wahahaha, and electricity consumption remains the same. Delivery of equipment should begin on 30 June at a price of 1599 U.S. dollars (or equivalent in bitcoin). It is worth emphasizing that, unlike virtually all competitors, Siacoin from asik complements your power supply.

Note that if the production was located in China, now it is planned to migrate to the United States. In this context many problems arise, so it is likely that the release of the updated Obelisk SC1 may be somewhat delayed. In any case, we will keep you posted.