One of the largest developers of graphics cards and processors Nvidia has included AI startup Ubex in their own startup support programme Inception. Ubex is developing a smart platform that uses blockchain and artificial intelligence for the targeting of advertising.

On the official website of the manufacturer of the chip says that the Inception mission is to support start-UPS, revolutionizing the industry with advances in the field of artificial intelligence and intelligent data processing.

Inception helps participants in the critical stages of product development, prototyping and deployment. Each startup program receives from company bonuses — from hardware discounts and marketing support to trainings with experts on deep learning.

It is reported that Ubex has been included in this program in the beginning of this month. Its main task is to improve the efficiency of performance of advertising on web sites using neural networks. For this data to help network to target ads at consumers, will be placed in the blockchain. The prototype platform is already in the testing stage.

“Teaching artificial intelligence requires a huge effort. Thanks to the blockchain we will be able to use the thousands of sources that will enrich the database of the AI and make it faster, smarter, stronger and much more effective,” said co-founder and Executive Director Ubex Artem Chestnov.

Programme Manager Nvidia Inception Dutt Arjun (Arjun Dutt) noted that the use of the blockchain was not a key factor in the decision to include Ubex in the incubation program. According to him, the company was more interested in the future of the product startup.

“The greatest interest to us is their use of deep learning and neural networks to improve algorithms for online advertising,” he said.

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