Japanese company specializing in cybersecurity, NRI SecureTechnologies (NRI ST) and blockchain startup ConsenSys has released a package of tools to scan the blockchain networks and detect vulnerabilities. About the company-the founder of ST NRI, Nomura Research Institute, announced today on its official website.

At the moment the functionality of the system only provides for tracking the state of smart contracts Ethereum. The package includes two tools: NeoSOC and Mythril. NeoSOC works on the principle of background scanning of individual smart contracts and alerts operators in the event a vulnerability is discovered, which allows time to stop work associated with a contract programs and system processes. In turn, Mythril automatically diagnoses of all smart-contracts on the subject of vulnerability.

Both companies are confident that their system will be demanded in connection with the increasing number of attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, including those implemented by the flaws in smart contracts.

Co-founder ConsenSys Diligence Tom Lindeman (Lindeman Tom) praised the work of NRI ST and said about the confidence in the results of joint work:

“We ConsenSys Diligence is extremely happy to establish cooperation with NRI Secure priznannym leader in managed services for cyber security and one of the first companies in the sector, began working with bloccano Ethereum. Together we plan to work hard on the creation of powerful automated services for analysis of smart contracts for business around the world and continue to do Ethereum safer for everyone.”

In the future the NRI ST and ConsenSys Diligence will increase the functionality of their tools. NRI Security also plans to connect to the initiative of a number of other companies, however, in a press release the exact names were not specified.

By partnering with NRI to ST ConsenSys first appeared on the Japanese market. In addition to the expansion of geography of business startup began to explore other sectors: last week ConsenSys acquired for the extraction of minerals on asteroids.