Blockchain platform Streamr together with the Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia and the California-based company OSIsoft will enable mobile customers to monetize their user data and purchase.

On Wednesday, during a conference of Consensus 2018 Executive Director Streamr Henry Peak (Henri Pihkala) announced a partnership and launched a new site live.

“Today is a significant day in the history of Streamr, and not only because we show the world our platform at the conference Consensus, but thanks to the announcement of two outstanding partnerships,” said Peak.

The partnership with Nokia will allow you to integrate the base station Kuha from Nokia in the market data Streamr that will allow Nokia customers to monetize their user data and purchase data streams from IoT devices.

“We see among mobile users there are more those who want to control their data and monetize them,” said Martti Ylikoski (Martti Ylikoski), senior fellow of Nokia in the development of radio systems. “The partnership with Streamr reflects our strong belief in this platform.”

Users will be able to buy and sell data streams in real time via smart contracts with Ethereum token ERC-20 called DATAcoin.

The partnership with OSIsoft, in turn, will allow corporate customers to get the opportunity to earn money for their operational data.

It is worth noting that earlier this month Streamr announced its partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which will allow you to use the tool aggregation and analysis of data Streamr Engine to collect data streams from Audi Q2.