As reported by the New York Times, the new York stock exchange (NYSE) is considering the opening of trading BTC. The report mentioned only the purchase and storage of bitcoins. If implemented, the NYSE will become the second company on wall street this week, preparing for media to be involved in cryptocurrency trading.

The NYT managed to get a printout “emails and documents”, as well as the confirmation of four anonymous sources. On the basis of the gathered journalists, the company-owner of the exchange, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) wants to offer to traders of special contracts, the performance of which end users will be able to buy and store cryptocurrency.

ICE “was in talks with several other financial institutions about the launch of a new service through which banks could purchase the contracts (the so-called swaps), with the result that the next day the customer will have at their disposal bitcoin — [together] with the support and protection of the exchange,” writes the NYT.

If the publication is confirmed, ICE and NYSE will join the growing sector of traditional financial industry, is ready to start working with cryptocurrencies. Despite criticism by influential financiers like Warren Buffett, many corporations don’t want to stay on the sidelines. NASDAQ also recently announced the intention in the future to open a special platform for trading cryptocurrencies. Also last week, Goldman Sachs announced the beginning of sales of futures for bitcoin “in the coming weeks.”