Vice President of the American stock exchange Nasdaq media relations Joseph Christinat (Joseph Christinat) confirmed the start of trading bitcoin futures in the “first half of 2019”. His comment appeared yesterday morning on the website of the British tabloid Express.

According to Kristinat, a product developed jointly with VanEck, is still awaiting the approval of the Commission commodity futures U.S. (CFTC), however, he added, the exchange has done “enough work, so the process is a pure formality.” In preparation for the launch of futures on the bitcoin exchanges have gone “a large portion” of 2018; according to Christinat Nasdaq for several years considered entering the market of cryptocurrency as a new vector of development. He added:

“We had a hell of a lot of money and effort to implement this option, and we all fully worked — long before the [current] market turmoil, and they will not affect our plans. No. Point. We’ll do it no matter what”.

Futures contracts on bitcoin will be the first in the complex “transparent, legitimate and monitored” derivatives Nasdaq and VanEck on digital assets. As Gorbach Gabor (Gabor Gurbacs), Director of strategic market development for digital assets VanEck, Christinat did not specify whether futures settled physically or in Vietnam equivalent.

Earlier the exchange planned to start trading futures on bitcoin this year, but postponed the launch, citing a desire to create a “unique” offer.

The time specified by Cristinuta differ from those identified by the informants Bloomberg, transmits the edition information on the launch of the BTC-futures last week. Perhaps, contrary to the statement of Gorbach, companies will not be able to get ahead Bakkt is a subsidiary of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) with similar upcoming product.