Yesterday, the Moscow exchange announced its intention to increase the awareness of investors about the specifics of participation in the ICO and the duties of issuers of tokens. To this end, it begins to develop special projects.

In an interview with Reuters news Agency CEO Alexander Afanasiev said that before the end of this year Masuria is going to launch a platform that will provide information about the tokens. He noted that at the moment of such sites on the territory of Russia yet.

The exchange group is also considering the possibility of offering futures ICO assets. According to Afanasyev, investors interested in fixed-term contracts, and the company finds out how it should be this derivative financial instrument.

However, Afanasiev emphasized that due to the current uncertainty of the legal status of digital currencies, the question of listing on the stock exchange of tokens is not worth it.

“While we are looking from the perspective of Fiat money, cryptocurrencies because we do not have the status of legally protected asset, if it appears, they also appear in the system.”

Recall that according to the bills that the state Duma last month passed in the first reading, crypto-currencies and tokens are defined as property, and given the right to act as payment means on the territory of the country.

It should be noted that the question of crypto-currencies was made during the direct line with Russian President held this week. Vladimir Putin said that Russia needs to explore the possibilities of the blockchain and the prospects of applying this technology.

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