Microsoft surpassed IBM in the ranking of the platforms that provide BaaS services (“blockchain as a service” blockchain as a service). Ranked list compiled by the consulting company ABI Research was published on Monday, November 19.

IBM ranked second in the rating; ABI Research also included in the list of Alibaba, Amazon, Baidu, Cisco, HP, Huawei, Oracle, SAP and Tencent. In the text of the press release, the company’s analysts explained how it was compiled:

“Each vendor was evaluated on several parameters of innovativeness, including whether the market share, the number of working concepts and pilot tests and support ecosystems, as well as in the parameters of supply: the diversification of the platform, the basic functions allocated resources and integration with other services”.

Microsoft became the leader due to the wide range of services and deep integration of the blockchain with Azure private cloud solution Corporation, the second largest coverage in the market. In General, the researchers explain, the dominant position of Microsoft and IBM also due to earlier than with other providers starting work in the field of BaaS. However, ABI Research point out that, “given the not-so-long presence of these platforms on the market, and also that the BaaS market is just being formed, the current rating probably will change radically over the next year.”

Subsequent ratings may be new names, since it is expected that the BaaS market will grow. In the commentary for one of the October materials CCN senior analyst at Bank of America Rangan the Kas (Kash Rangan) said that in the future capitalization of this sector will reach $7 billion.

Microsoft plans to put even greater emphasis on implementation: at the end of October the Corporation announced the integration of its blockchain benchmark Azure platform Nasdaq Financial Framework (NFF).