American Microsoft is going to integrate blockchain-Blockchain solution to Azure Workbench platform Nasdaq Financial Framework (NFF).

Financial Framework from the exchange group Nasdaq is a technology that allows software to trading infrastructure, and in particular for the transfer of industrial or business processes from one company to other. Also, the platform supports the technology of monitoring the Nasdaq, which monitors in real time and detects unusual trade cases.

With Microsoft exchange, the group plans to develop a platform that will bring together multiple distributed registries and will allow you to perform operations with them. It is expected that this decision will facilitate the process of identifying appropriate buyers and sellers, managing delivery systems and payment and settlement of accounts. In fact, the use of Azure Blockchain will allow customers NFF to create different blackany through one common interface.

As Tom had told faye (Tom Fay), senior Vice President, corporate architecture at Nasdaq, a collaboration with Microsoft will remove some of difficulties in implementing blockchain technologies into the existing infrastructure.

“Our Association with NFF blockchain-service Microsoft will raise the level of abstraction will make our offer multifunctional, protected, vysokomotiviruet, and will also help us to continue to explore a wide range of uses of the blockchain,” added faye.

Nasdaq is not the first time demonstrates an interest in technology, the distributed registry and crypto. In September, for example, it became known that the exchange is working to create a tool for predicting the course of digital currencies. This tool will likely become a part of the software for processing market information from alternative resources.

In the summer of Nasdaq spoke about the creation of a platform based on blockchain for settlement of trading in securities. The platform supports a distributed network of traders, brokers and intermediaries and will help to satisfy the demands of the contribution of additional funds from the brokers. Also less than a week ago Nasdaq introduced the patent for the design of a system for secure presentation of operational information about the transaction.

Microsoft Azure, in turn, in August, showed a new BaaS-product, using the Protocol proof-of-authority instead of PoW that allows various companies to use in Ethereum instead of relying on mining.