Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin met today with the head of the Board of Directors of Google Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt). The meeting was also attended by representatives of Fund of development of blockchain technologies ConsenSys and Director of the Ethereum Foundation Miyaguchi Aya (Aya Miyaguchi).

The exact reason is unknown — it is possible to see that Buterin was held in one of the Google campuses on a visitor’s badge, therefore, the probability of participation in the working session or a closed conference is extremely small. Says Trustnodes, the context of the meeting suggests that Google plans to carry out the tokenization of one or more of its services.

Kavita Gupta (Kavita Gupta), head of the ConsenSys, published in his Twitter account a photo from the meeting, with the following comment:

“Incredible brainstorming, learning and exchange of ideas with the three best minds from the field of technology in the world — let’s raise Web 3.0”.

At the same time, residents of Silicon valley have begun to change their attitude to the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Three weeks ago, Chris Dixon (Chris Dixon), one of the largest investors in the IT sector, during the interview BoostVC said:

“I began to learn the Solidity and Ethereum, and I know I’m in love. That’s why I moved to the West, here advanced, is the real Wild West, and this is what I want to do.”

This was followed by the statement of the co-founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian (Alexis Ohanian):

“I’m definitely on the side of the bulls Ethereum, simply because people really create something on the blockchain. So far, all at the initial stage, but, you know, we already have a couple cryptonomicon”.

Facebook also set a task to their most talented employees: to thoroughly analyze the working principle of the blockchain and provide the results in the near future — preferably already yesterday.

A little earlier the Google co-founder Sergey Brin announced the beginning of a “technological Renaissance”, adding that Ethereum is an integral part thereof.

Given the recent Google ban on any contextual advertising associated with cryptocurrencies, ICO, consulting services for captainvalor, etc., the statement breena looks like a kind of “pleasant surprise”. Since the directions of Ethereum are holding ICO and place applications, the first is most likely for a number of reasons. Previously, Google announced its intention to move their cloud services into a distributed registry. But, first, the Corporation plans to create its own DLT, and secondly, even though the pace of progress Plasma, scalability still remains a “sore point” Ethereum. From which it follows that for Google to create a separate application based on the ETH blockchain also does not make sense — at least for now. However, it is worth emphasizing that, taking into account the above-mentioned prohibition, Adsense is unlikely to be licenzirovanie product.

Anyway, the industry will surely face big change. But the anticipation is already growing, as can be seen from hovanesian:

“In the 90s I was just a kid that does not affect the creation of the Internet… As an investor, I will be able to enjoy a seat in the front row when a new Internet”.