The international payment Mastercard Corporation has received a patent for a system to run different types of blockchains to support multiple cryptocurrencies.

The patent application was published last Tuesday by the patent and trademark office. The new system is designed for companies who need to store different types of information about transactions on one platform, it is almost impossible to do in a single blockchain.

To solve this problem, Mastercard has developed a method of creating blocks that allows you to store information of various types in different blocks. Methods are mainly used in the development of the blockchain, often require that transactional records had the same format, the same type and sometimes even the size. If the company wants to use several types of scenes, for example in order to work with several cryptocurrencies, he will have to support more than one platform, which requires a great expenditure of resources.

“There is a need for a technological solution to maintain the split of the blockchain, in which you can store a variety of transactional formats without creating multiple blockchains. This reduces the computing resources and the capacity required for the deployment and operation of platforms”, — explained in the text of the entry.

The document also stated that the split blockchain can obtain information on the type of transaction from different computing devices. Each section of the blockchain, which in the patent is provisionally called “subnet” (subnet), will store information on a specific currency or other information.

Mastercard punctually applying for patents that describe different ways of applying the technology of distributed registry in the business. In July, the company proposed a method of reducing the time of processing the transaction by creating a new type of user account. And in September, Mastercard has introduced three applications describing the technology to record transaction history in real time while they are still only processed.